Dr. Dennis E. Discher               

Project 1: Mechanisms of stiffening in liver cancer

          Dr. Rebecca Wells                     

          Dr. Paul A. Janmey                    

          Dr. Emma E. Furth                     

          Dr. David E. Kaplan                   

Project 2: Physical Mechanisms and Clinical Implications of Mechano-transduction
          Dr. Ravi Radhakrishnan                

          Dr. Mark A. Lemmon                    

          Dr. John C. Crocker                   

          Dr. Tobias Baumgart                   

          Dr. Arjun Raj                         

          Dr. Wei Guo                           

Project 3: Nuclear Rheology & Stability in Cancer
          Dr. Dennis E. Discher                 

          Dr. Roger A. Greenberg                

          Dr. Andrea J. Liu                     

          Dr. Chi Van Dang                      

          Dr. Michael Lampson                   

          Dr. Vivek Shenoy                      

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